Developing children's thinking is one of the most important areas for us as educators and parents. The ability to solve problems, consider difficult decisions, analyze situations, deal with success and failure, be creative, and more are all important skills for academic success and a toolbox for life.
Developing thinking is a long and complex process; it requires practice and determination. It is a long journey that continues even when we are adults—a journey of gaining insights, developing self-awareness, acquiring tools and strategies, and self-learning.
We have created for your child a thinking journey that combines group activities with individual learning, depth and complexity, fun and engagement, interest in learning, and the excitement of the competition.


We invite you to participate in the International Thinking Team - to make your child's thinking a habit, a way of life.



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International Thinking Team (Y6-Y8)

    • Creative thinking
    • Improving decision-making
    • Tools for problem-solving
    • Logic and mathematical thinking
    • Resilience and coping with failures
    • Persistence, following instructions
    • Visual and spatial perception
    • Collaboration and leadership
    • Tools to prevent procrastination
    • Efficiency - improved learning

    and more fascinating topics - all practised through a myriad of games in the Accelium system.


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